Patio refresh

Who has a tired looking patio made from pink and buff 60×60 concrete slabs? Except now they look grey and drab and entirely uninviting don’t they? Well me too – so I decided in 2016 to get rid and have somewhere that I wanted to spend some time and show off to people.

The original space was very stingy, a sort of afterthought of a patio. It was too small to do much with or on and there was a small flower bed blocking any flow so it wasn’t a heart-rending decision to be rid of it all! In fact the wort bit was man handling all the concrete slabs, they weigh a stupid amount.

Naturally I spent quite a while with pencil and paper trying out different layouts but in the end it came down to how much space was I allowed to take out of the lawn? The Committee likes the lawn and hates to see me chop away at it but an accord was made and we had the boundary of the new patio space. At first glance it looks big but that’s just because the previous one was so tiny and mean. If you’re having a new patio – go bigger than you think you need. I also decided it would be nice to have a low boundary wall to demark house from garden and something to sit on too.

Next big headache – what stone?! Such choice – I went to a few stone specialists (avoid the likes of Homebase or B&Q) and had a few ideas so had the builder drop some samples off. Oh, did I not mention? Yes I might have had some help in all this…

Decision made (Green Indian sandstone), I left the slab layout to the professional using three different sizes. And we all got busy – remove the old crud, dig the footings for the wall and bring in tonnes of hardcore. It always looks bad at first in building projects so it’s best not to look; that said I am very, very happy with the result and a year on it just looks better and better.


Project: Lose a tree, Gain a border

lumberjack in knaphill

This was going to be a straight tree removal but as it turns out, there’s a great opportunity to create a new space to mellow out in…