A Founding Post! [not a fence post]

Well here it is, the first post in my new garden blog. This is something that I’ve been pondering for a while and mostly so I can keep some sort of informal record of the garden’s progression through the years.

As I haven’t gotten around to it before now, some pics won’t exactly be David Bailey-esque and some I will have to have dug up from old cameras and some of those I really cannot be arsed finding. Sorry folks!

The oringinal garden

This is the original shot of the garden taken by the estate agents prior to purchase. It’s a bit of a pain being so small but in it you can make out a shallow border to the left, a deep rectangular lawn and a swing set at the bottom. In the bottom left corner there is a tiny rockery (I’m feeling kind).

On the right there is the edge showing of the brick garage, a very straight concrete slab pathway leading to the end of the garden and you can sort of make out that in the bottom right of the garden is another tucked away area, complete with gazebo. There’s also a tree with a clothes line attached permanently to the house. The tree actually turned out to be a metal pole with an old ivy growing around and up it,  as I discovered almost at the same time as breaking a chainsaw…


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