Then and now [June 2013]

A quick fix before I get a complete record for you all.

This is how the garden looked when I moved in…

This is how it looks now.

As you can see, it’s quite different but remains an open space (mostly).

In the first pic the estate agent used the old trick of using a deeper focal length to make it all look bigger. Sneaky bastard. Since it was all rectangular ‘back in the day’ I’ve broken it up a bit with a few curves, added, deepened and changed borders and created a veg patch.

There are now also a greenhouse, summerhouse, two two arches and a shed. Oh and some decking which ‘things’ like to nest under.

Where I could I’ve done this on a shoestring so the path is still made of the square concrete slabs (I will replace these eventually I tell myself), the greenhouse 2nd hand and mostly the plants were bought very small and allowed to grow with cuttings being taken along the way.

The expensive bits were the 3x3m summerhouse (a £1300 luxury purchase one year) and the shed and wooden arch both of which were about £150.


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