Project: The Shed

Every garden should have a shed. If you don’t want one now or don’t know it yet, you will soon enough. There’s a massive selection to go from and so, for my first foray into shed-dom I went for the bog standard pitched roof, 6×4′.

It comes flat pack naturally, and all you really need to do is fanny about with the floor assembly, put the walls upright and screw together. Oh, and the roof and doors. Helpful hint number one: Get extra joists from the supplier or you get a bendy floor which is no use to anyone. Even better, ditch the floor altogether and use a solid base such as concrete slabs.

I did all this in March 2008 (I checked the photos, digi cameras are awesome), helped by my girlfriend of the time, Claire. That’s her popping her head out from the walls. The shed was to be located in a dead space behind the garage which I figured that was good enough.

So several years later the gap between shed and garage had bugged me long enough (turns out the siting wasn’t good enough afterall), the orientation didn’t sit well and I wanted a new flower border. So I ripped the shed apart down to the last pin holding the cladding on.

Why?! To rebuild in magnificent glory!

I turned it 90 degrees but it was too long (I checked the first time I built it) so some timber was chopped, and the shed became a custom build which if I was doing all this again I would highly recommend. The sheds you buy online tend to be shite. Uprights and some other key supports were replaced with sturdier timber, easier to screw into and make shelves etc. If you’re reading this then take note – build your own to your own spec. It’s much more fun than buggering around with bad instructions from the shed farm and you get a better product.

That said, as I had pieces of shed I used them. The shed now abuts the wall of the garage and has a weatherproof seal. Although smaller, I can fit more in as I built proper shelving (more or less) and I’ve taken power from the garage. It even has a quaint outside light so it’s like a very small house. Seriously, it’s now one of my favourite places and not because it has my Pussers Rum tin mug in there on a nail…

A flower bed too

I dug out a load of concrete slabs and all sorts of horridness to create a new flower bed. This sits directly in front of the side of the shed so when everything is growing it hides the shed. Clever as anything me.

Currently the plants are small as I’m a tightwad who buys small to grow on. Any spare plant got thrown in to that new bed and, miraculously, it doesn’t look half bad. The neighbours have a really nice, albeit fragrance-free, red climbing rose so I chopped off a length and stuffed it in the ground to see what would happen. It rooted! So now I have a new rose too, woo-hoo.


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