New plant – Fig Noire de Carombe

Getting back from Italy (as you do) I wanted a few things – limoncello, a lemon tree to grow lemons for more limoncello and a fig tree. The fig tree won out because I got married in Italy and Erica said I’d had enough limoncello for one year, thank you very much.

I did a lot of research on figs and the types on offer and the range was pretty decent even in the UK climate. The most common being ‘Brown Turkey’ and as we’re in Surrey we can’t have common so I finally opted for Noire de Carombe from Blackmoor Nurseries. If anyone is interested this nursery is great – good range of plants, good prices and above all, great plants and delivery service. No I’m not afilliated with them but if someone does something well they should at least be told so. Which reminds me, I really should thank them…

Noire de Carombe

Tree, approx 1.8m

Noire de Carombe

Leaf close up

Next I just have to decide where to plant it and wait for the good stuff next year!

This is what the fruit should look like –

Noire de Carombe


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