dig the compost!A small place to update interested people on my garden. For some reason they find it fascinating!

The garden is, unsurprisingly, in sunny Surrey and whereas a lot of people believe us all to be wealthy land owners with no end of serfs and oiks to do our bidding, I’m afraid it isn’t quite true. I only have the 4. The garden itself isn’t that big but I have made the choice to have separate sections for veg and lawn and the rest sort of falls in and around where I can fit it.

The gardening all started some time ago but I have been peer pressured into doing this blog. Frankly this was bullying both in person and online so I’m led to believe I’ll have mental issues at some point. Probably due to the government or an as-yet unidentified movement. Anyway, until I feel the walls closing in – The garden is mine alone to muck about in, creating and sometimes accidentally destroying wonderful and natural habitats for wildlife, family and friends. Come in and stay a while… and bring beer.

Should you feel the urge to contact me then please leave a comment or sign the Guestbook.

About Andy

He’s a business consultant and contractor, specialist in business operations, systems and excellence. It’s true that this covers about everything in an organisation but then he’s worked for a lot of businesses in a lot of places, picking up the tools, techniques and training from some of the very best minds out there. He is particularly interested in projects that develop the people along the way. www.thebusinessdelicatessen.co.uk


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